How to diagnose damaged structures

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional through computer-based structural analysis and emulation can be useful for the evaluation of existing structures damaged by earthquakes.

The application of regulations and design codes to the construction of buildings has proven their effectiveness in earthquakes of great magnitude. However, structures belonging to the previous period continue to represent a vulnerability that puts the population at risk.

Using computer applications such as Autodesk Robot allows these damaged structures to be exposed as a computational model to seismic accelerations.

Like any tool, the correct use depends on the criteria of the structural engineer who applies it, so that the approach of a damaged structure and the faithful reproduction of the damage becomes a valuable experience to which results can be extrapolated for the evaluation of existing structures.

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A critical part of the assessment is the geotechnical profile approach. The safety of the structures depends on their foundations. This foundation may have been poorly considered or the terrain may have changed due to a sudden variation in the underground water level.

New computer software allows the terrain to be recreated with fidelity and to observe the behavior of the structure.

Obtaining critical values ​​in an existing structure can bring us closer to the real resistance of a damaged structure or even explain why a structure subsists despite an apparent fragility.

In these computer applications, the structures are built quickly and the load cases and combinations can be applied with precision. In the same way, the geotechnical profile is presented with exactitude.

Likewise, damaged or missing elements can be specified so that when evaluating damaged structures, the structural behavior of the building can be analyzed.

From this approach, modal analyzes and anti-seismic design methods are carried out under regulations.

We can conclude that under this type of analysis and emulations it is possible to evaluate existing and damaged structures, determining their possible repair or their definitive demolition.