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Why join Virginia E-Learning team as an author?

Connect with a network of professionals in your field who are looking for solutions.

Beyond training content professionals across the building & construction industry look for concrete solutions.

Virginia E-Learning helps authors to connect with professionals and companies who look for tangible solutions in their local area or region.

Bring your experience and knowledge. Become a Consultant in your area of expertise!

Help by providing solutions to the industry when these are required.

  • We currently provide training solutions to a network of 40,000 + professionals around the world!

Safely distribute your content among industry participants.

We are aware of the hard work and effort you put behind producing your content.

That’s why Virginia E-Learning brings DRM for all published material, so you can safely and confidently distribute your knowledge across a network of professionals in your field.

We all Win!

Authors feel encouraged to produce better and richer content, while industry professionals benefit from high-quality training material, knowledge, and experience.

Monetize your knowledge and create a stream of passive income!

Unlike many other platforms and training websites, we don’t follow the “one size fits all” model.

Which, regardless of how much hard work and effort you put behind the development of your content this is offered at the same market value as lower-end solutions.

Get rewarded for your expertise!

Higher-end more complex solutions will be offered at different price range than lower-end simpler solutions.

  • We use a simple formula = The more you bring the more you get!

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  • FAQ.

We are looking for training material that provides concise and digestible solutions for the Building & Construction Industry.


“Bridge Design in Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional”
“Nonlinear Analysis of Structures in SAP2000”

For the most part, these should be software-based, although non-software based solutions
could also be suitable.

Example of non-software based solutions:

“Falsework design and building criteria”.
“Ground Anchors & Anchors Systems”.

We mostly focus on the Construction & Engineering sector, so you can expect to reach professionals in the fields of Civil and Structural Engineering, and Building and Construction sectors in general.

As an author you will be obligated to provide email support for any doubts regarding the tools and subjects covered in any training material you have produced.

However, this will also allow you to be at the forefront when companies and professionals of the industry require solutions or more specialized consultancy in their local area or region.

This will largely depend on the type of training material you have produced, subject, extension, potential audience reach, market value, etc.

However, you can expect between a 30% to a 50% revenue share depending on the aforementioned factors.

For more information about the revenue share scheme please send an email to