What is the quality of the content and intended audience of the courses?

All of our courses are intended to be used by professionals, thus they are developed around real world needs in the field of architectural design, structural analysis and software programming.

Therefore all of the exercises are based upon real projects and designs.

For this reason, you will be able of working professionally with the chose software after finishing your studies. However it might take you several levels to fully master all of the aspects of one particular software and thus applying it to your specific needs.

What is the duration of each tutorial (level)?

The duration varies from course to course, depending on the level's complexity and extension of each topic approached. But in average each level is designed to be taken during the course of 1 to 1 1/2 weeks (4 daily hours), including practice hours.

How will I get my tutorial?

All tutorials are available through download. Which you will receive after completing your purchase in this website.

Additionally you may request the tutorials to be shipped to your physical address (shipping rates apply).

What type of payments do you accept?

We accept both PayPal and Western Union.

Are these tutorials available outside USA?

Yes all tutorials are available worldwide.

Where else can I get your tutorials other than this website?

Many of our courses are also available through Amazon.

Are promotions, discounts and coupons also available in retail stores?

The answer is NO. Promotions and Discounts (unless otherwise announced) are only available through this website.

Are Discounts already included on the price tag?

No. Discounts and special prices are rarely included on the shown price of each course or package.

Commonly you will need a Coupon Code (combinations of Numbers, Upper and Lower case letters) to get a specific discount or price.

How and When exactly will I get the Discount?

The discounted or special price will be reflected upon entering the given Coupon Code on the Checkout area  (right side) of this website.

Do you offer special Discounts to Students?

Yes. However anybody wanting to apply for this type of discount will be required to submit proof of its status as a student.

For more information please contact us through our live chat.

How does the free Professional Consultancy Works?

After completing your purchase of any of our tutorials or packages, you will have access to our Support Center through either email or chat. Chat support however is limited to the simple support questions, as more complex queries may need further development and time from our experts.

Please note that all of your support questions should be related with the type of tutorials you purchased and within the limits outlined by it. If the question(s) you have surpasses either the level or complexity of the topics covered by one particular course, you then may need to purchase additional tutorials in order to have our support staff handling your support inquiry.

Is there any time limit for the Free Consultancy?

Professional Online Consultancy is completely free and available during one year after purchasing any of our courses or packages.

What is the cost of the consultancy afterwards?

For more information please contact us to