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Autodesk Robot Structural 2023 Tutorial Steel | FULL Package

Learn to Master the Modeling, Designing and Static & Dynamic Analysis of Steel Structures.

During this set of step by step courses you will learn:

  • Structural Analysis of Steel Structures.
  • Configuring Autodesk RSA for multiple Design Codes and Country Regulations, including the application of Eurocodes.
  • Designing of Steel Structures based on commercial profiles.
    Working with both the American and European databases of Sections and Profiles.
  • Structural Analysis of Beams, Columns and Steel Frames.
    Obtaining the Shear, Bending, Deformations and Reactions Diagrams.
  • Designing a Storehouse structure and performing a Wind Analysis of it.
  • Designing and Analysis of Steel Connections, either welded or fastened by bolts.
  • Automatic Generation of Detail Drawings.
  • Automatic Generation of the Calculation Note and proper documentation.
    Analysis, Designing and Documenting of Foundations and Footings in Steel Structures.
  • Configuring Autodesk RSA for multiple Design Codes and Regulations of any country.
  • Designing of the Connections between the elements of the structure and the foundations.
  • Designing and Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Footings.
  • Designing of Steel Structures integrated by Warren & Pratt Beams (trusses).
    Analysis and Designing of Truss Beams and their connections.
  • Dynamic Analysis of Loads for a Modal and Seismic Analyses.
    Wind Load simulation and analysis.
  • Adjustments of sections based on criteria.
    Analysis of Diagrams and Maps.
  • Designing of Customized connections through Robot & Advance Steel.
  • Generation of the proper documentation, detail drawings and calculation report.
  • This course is Valid for Structures designed in either the Metric or the Imperial System.
    Designing & Analysis of Steel Structures of 20 Floors and above!
  • Designing of Concrete Panels for Retaining Walls.
  • Designing of Concrete Slabs & Steel Decks.
  • Designing & Analysis of the Steel Connections between Hot-Rolled & Cold-Rolled Steel Profiles.
  • Performing the Static and Dynamic Analysis of Steel Buildings.
  • Assigning the Lateral Soil Pressure Loads for the Designing of Compensated Foundations.
  • Performing the Modal Analysis of the Structure.
  • Performing the Seismic Analysis of the Structure.
  • Performing a basic Spectral Analysis of the Structure.
  • Performing a Wind Simulation Analysis.
  • Performing a simple Punching Analysis.
  • Analysis of Moving Loads.
  • Analyzing the results of both the Modal & Seismic Analyses.
  • Verification of the Concrete Elements and the Steel Members under the Static & Dynamic Loads. Thus obtaining an Earthquake-resistant Structure.
  • Verification of the Steel Connections under the Static & Dynamic Loads.
  • This course is useful for both the American and the Eurocode.
  • Designing, Detailing & Documenting of Steel Frame Structures made of Steel Commercial Profiles (hot-rolled).
  • Designing & Detailing of Truss Structures.
    Working with Revit's Library of Sections & Connections.
  • Designing & Detailing Connections; Clip Angle, Knee of Frame, Appex Haunch, Anchors etc.
  • Designing and Verification (through the provided Bending Moment, Shear & Axial Forces) of Steel Connections.
  • Designing and Verification of Connections for both the American (AISC) & European (EC3) Design Codes.
  • Designing of Beams and Bracing Systems.
  • Designing of Custom Connections for Wide Flange and tubular Sections.
  • Working with the Analytical Model of the Structure.
  • Configuration and Assignment of Structural Analysis Properties of Steel Sections.
  • Edition & Adjustment of Steel Members.
  • Generation of Detail Views; adding dimensions and custom labels.
  • Generation of the Detail Drawings of the Structure and its Connections.
  • Generation of the Bill of Material of the Structure.
  • Importing our Structural Model to Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional (actual analysis of the Structure through RSA isn't covered at this time).
  • Allow Advance Steel to assist you in the Designing, Detailing & Documenting of your Steel Structures.
  • Learn to work with the catalog of AISC profiles & European profiles made of welded plates, or bent Sheet Metal.
  • Learn how to perform the Structural Verification for the Design of Steel Connections against the Design Loads and Resultant Bending Moments, Shear and Axial Forces present across the Steel Members.
  • Learn to Design, Detail, Verify and Document Steel Frame Structures.
  • Design all types of connections between steel bars, beams and columns.
  • Learn to Design Anchor Connections between Steel & Reinforced Concrete components.
  • Allow Advance Steel to automatically generate the detailed plans of your design and verify the connections before specific design loads and internal forces.
  • Advance Steel automatically adds dimensions, labels and full detail to all the correspondent drawings, including those of bolts, welds, stiffeners, etc.
  • Allow Advance Steel to automatically generate Section & 3D Perspective Views.
  • Achieve a verified Structural Model, including connections, so you can begin fabricating each part in the workshop!
  • Beyond Simple Designing & Drafting, this course focuses on the Fabrication of Steel Structures!

Learn everything you need to know for performing the modeling, designing, static & dynamic analysis of Steel Structures.
From simple Steel Frames to Buildings of 20 Floors and Above!

This package of courses will take you from the process of performing the simple static analysis of steel frames, to analyzing a Steel Building under Seismic and Wind Loads.

And if required, performing a Spectral Analysis of you model using a given response spectrum.

Now and although we focus on the American code, this complete course is useful for the Eurocode as well.

Furthermore and once you have obtained the final design of your project, learn how to obtain the fully detail drawings of steel bars and their connections through both Advance Steel & Revit Structural Detailing! 

So you can obtain a Fully Detailed and Documented Project!

No previous knowledge of Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional required!

This Package of Courses includes:

(Please click on the pictures to see the individual details and description of each course).

Autodesk Robot 2023 Tutorial. Steel Level I

$90.0 USD

For Designing and Analysis of Steel Structures.

Autodesk Robot 2023 Tutorial. Steel Level II

$149.00 USD

Dynamic Analysis & Foundations

Autodesk Robot 2023 Tutorial. Steel Level III

$189.00 USD

For Modal, Seismic & Spectral Analysis of Steel Structures.

Autodesk Revit Structural Detailing 2021 Tutorial

$90.00 USD

For Designing, Detailing & Documenting of Steel Structures.

Autodesk Advance Steel 2022 Essentials

$90.00 USD

Essentials Essential Tools for the Designing & Detailing of Steel Structures.

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