Autodesk Advance Steel 2017. Level III

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Autodesk Advance Steel 2017 Tutorial. Level III

For Designing and Detailing of Complex Steel Structures and Stairs.

We know that the designing and detailing of Steel Structures demands quite a big amount of time and hard work.

Departing from both our Essentials and Level II courses, in this third part of our series we will approach the design of Complex Steel Connections which are not by default available inside the Advance Steel Tool Palette. But that are crucial for the generation of the detail plans of your structure.

And for this reason we will enter into the realm of Spatial Structures, in where the elements present composed directions, thus requiring of the design of of special connections and joints, but that are still capable of bearing the given Design Loads.

Moreover, a very important part of this course is the development of Metallic Stairs. From conventional designs, to vertical and spiral stairs with safety rails.

Advance Steel will allow you to generate any type of stairs, along with the detail drawings of their sections and connections, all with complete freedom and precision, including the detail of bolts and tolerances in welds.

But without a doubt, the most important aspect of Advance Steel is the automatic generation of the detail drawings, orthogonal views and dimensions. And in this aspect our course will guide you through the Drawing Style Manager,so you can perform in matter if minutes what used to be hours of work, or even days using AutoCAD tools.

During this step by step course you will learn:

  • 3D Modeling of Spatial Steel Structures integrated by commercial steel profiles (Hot-Rolled).
Advance Steel 2017 Spatial Structures
  • Designing and Detailing of Complex Steel Connections for Spatial Structures. Including the Analysis under given Design Loads and Combinations.
  • Customization and Editing of Connections.
  • Designing of sections for Cold-Rolled Profiles which fully integrate with Advance Steel Tools.

  • Analysis and Verification of complex connections for the given design loads and combinations.
  • Generation of Cladding for Roods and Walls.
Advance Steel 2017 Cladding
  • Generation of Complex Structures such as "Tridilosa" elements.
Advance Steel 2017 Tridilosa
  • Master the tools for the automatic generation of inclined, vertical and spiral stairs with safe railings.
  • Generation of Customized Stairs, not by default included in Advance Steel.
  • Generation of Detail Drawings using advanced tools, for stairs, treads, connections and railings.
  • Advanced Drawing Style Manager work-flow.
  • Generation of Lists.

  • Generation of Detail, Section and Cropped Views.
  • Printing Guide based on the Drawing Style Palette.

  • Professional Online Consultancy for all the topics covered in this course.


      System Requirements:

      Windows PC

      Standard PC Computer running Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating system.