Autodesk Advance Steel 2019. Level I

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Autodesk Advance Steel 2019. Level I

Advance Steel is a software for the automatic generation of detail drawings for Steel Structures.

This software, working in the always familiar interface of AutoCAD, will allow the conceptualization of Steel Structures of any type and magnitude through a set of interactive tools, whence the 3D Modeling job gets significantly accelerated in comparison with any other 3D Modeling Software.

Just take a look at the video down below!

Since all elements in this way generated are AutoCAD native, they can be reviewed in interfaces such as that of Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional, or any other that can allow translation between the DWG, DXF, etc. formats.

Furthermore, Advance Steel will allow the importing of 3D elements generated in either Revit Structure, AutoCAD or CSI SAP2000.

Also a very important part of the software is that aside of the interactive way in which connections between steel elements are designed, Project Loads and Internal Forces can be used within Advance Steel for performing both the validation and integrity check of the proposed connections.

Nonetheless, the most significant aspect of Advance Steel is that it's capable of automatically generate all the detail drawings, sections and detail views. And in which the correspondent dimensions, tolerances, parts list, detail of welds, bolts and plates are included, so the structure can begin to get fabricated in the workshop!

Course Description and Subjects Covered:

  • Allow Advance Steel to assist you in the Designing, Detailing & Documenting of your Steel Structures.
  • Learn to work with the catalog of AISC profiles & European profiles made of welded plates, or bent Sheet Metal.
  • Learn how to perform the Structural Verification for the Design of Steel Connections against the Design Loads and Resultant Bending Moments, Shear and Axial Forces present across the Steel Members.
  • Learn to Design, Detail, Verify and Document Steel Frame Structures.
  • Design all types of connections between steel bars, beams and columns.
  • Learn to Design Anchor Connections between Steel & Reinforced Concrete components.
  • Allow Advance Steel to automatically generate the detailed plans of your design and verify the connections before specific design loads and internal forces.
  • Advance Steel automatically adds dimensions, labels and full detail to all the correspondent drawings, including those of bolts, welds, stiffeners, etc.
  • Allow Advance Steel to automatically generate Section & 3D Perspective Views.
  • Achieve a verified Structural Model, including connections, so you can begin fabricating each part in the workshop!
  • Beyond Simple Designing & Drafting, this course focuses on the Fabrication of Steel Structures!
  • Includes professional support for all the topics covered in this course.

System Requirements:

Windows PC

Standard PC Computer running Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating system.

Xvast Player

Video Player & Browser required to watch the video lessons.

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