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Autodesk Robot Structural 2023 Tutorial RC | Level III | Advanced Level

For Modal, Seismic & Spectral Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures.

During this step by step course you will learn:

  • Designing & Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Structures of 20 Floors and above!
  • Designing of Concrete Panels for Walls.
  • Designing of Concrete Slabs.
  • Performing the Static and Dynamic Analysis of Reinforced Concrete Buildings.
  • Assigning the Lateral Soil Pressure Loads for the Designing of Compensated Foundations.
  • Performing the Modal Analysis of the Structure.
  • Performing the Seismic Analysis of the Structure.
  • Performing a basic Spectral Analysis of the Structure.
  • Performing a Wind Simulation Analysis.
  • Performing a simple Punching Analysis.
  • Analyzing the results of both the Modal & Seismic Analyses.
  • Verification of the Concrete Elements under the Static & Dynamic Loads. Thus obtaining an Earthquake-resistant Structure.
  • This course is useful for both the ACI and the Eurocode.
  • Professional Online Consultancy for all topics covered in this course.

Learn to Perform the Static & Dynamic Analysis on Reinforced Concrete Buildings of 20 Floors and above!

During this step by step course, and requiring of just basic to intermediate, knowledge of Robot Structural Analysis Professional, we'll take you through all the necessary steps for modeling, designing and performing the Static & Dynamic analysis of a Reinforced Concrete Building.

And although this course focuses on the ACI Design Code, all the steps that we will perform and tools will observe, are for the most part applicable to the EN code, or any code for that matter!

And for this purpose, we'll begin by modeling this project from the ground up, sp you don't miss out on any of the corresponding designing, modeling and configuration steps, and that will allow us to successfully perform the subsequent set of analyses.

Moreover, a very important step and beyond observing the tools for executing each type of analysis, is performing the verification of the concrete elements, under both the static & dynamic loads present across the model.

Since, this particular step, will allow us to obtain an efficient structural design, in terms of both safety and economy.

And in this regard, and for ensuring a safe design, will take a look at both the Deflection Maps on our Concrete Slabs. Performing as well a simple Punching Analysis.

Along with this aspect, we'll also approach the subject of compensated foundations for our project. And for which and as part of their analysis, we'll perform the assignment of the corresponding Soil Pressure Loads.

And once we have completed the main aspects of the design of our Structure, we'll continue by performing a Modal Analysis.

Observing not just the corresponding configuration parameters, but performing multiple analyses until we achieve the results required by the ruling code.

Finally and upon completion of the Modal Analysis, we will proceed to perform the Seismic Analysis of the Structure. And for which in addition to the required configuration steps, we will also observe some important criteria that should be take into consideration.

Moreover, and due this particular approach, this course will be useful for those working with the Eurocode.

Alternatively and after successfully completing the Modal Analysis of our Structure, we'll have the choice of Performing a basic Spectral Analysis. And for which we'll make use of a simple response spectrum already provided by the program.

But that at the same time will give you the knowledge for working with your own data.

The user should already count with the data of the Response Spectrum that it needs to be analyzed, as this should be provided to the software

Finally and due the particular design condition of this our project, we'll take the opportunity of performing a Wind Simulation Analysis.

System Requirements:

Windows PC

Standard PC Computer running Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating system.

Xvast Player

Video Player & Browser required to watch the video lessons.

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