Autodesk Robot Tutorial 2021 | Nonlinear Analysis

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Autodesk Robot Tutorial 2021 | Nonlinear Analysis

For Nonlinear Analysis of Steel Structures.

Useful for versions 2021 to 2024

During this course you will learn:

  • A simple & clear method based on the Code’s Provisions.
  • Assigning static and dynamic loads.
  • Assigning nonlinear static loads.
  • Performing the Modal Analysis of the Structure.
  • Performing the Seismic Analysis of the Structure.
  • Performing the Pushover Analysis of the Structure.
  • Performing Second-Order Analyses.
  • Analysis of the connections between the steel members.
  • P-Delta Studies.
  • Elasto-Plastic Analysis of the Structure.
  • Analysis of the Capacity Curve.
  • Analysis of Axial, Moment and Shear Hinges.
  • Analysis of the Behavior Curve for Plastic Hinges in the Structure.
  • Understanding the Failure Mechanisms of a Structure.
  • Verifying displacements and buckling in the structure against the ASCE 7-10 and IBC 2012 design codes.
  • Course useful for both the American & Euro Codes.

Just take a look at the video down below!

This time, we bring you a step by step course, in which you will learn how to perform the Static Nonlinear Analysis of Steel Structures.

Or a procedure that is also known as a Pushover Analysis, and that will allow us to predict the nonlinear behavior of our Structural Models.

For this purpose, we will begin this course by studying this structure, under static, dynamic, and seismic loads.

And as we complete these analyses, we will check the results against the governing design code, also reviewing the integrity and stability of the multiple frames, bars, and sections in the structural model.

In addition, and since this is also a critical component for ensuring the safety of our model, we will verify the integrity of the connections between each of those bars.

This first analysis stage will help us to obtain a congruent baseline from which to perform a nonlinear analysis.

Therefore, and from this first set of studies, we will carry out a second performance based analysis, and that will allow us to study the nonlinear behavior of the structure.

Furthermore, during this analysis, we will also observe the behavior and performance of plastic hinges.

These plastic hinges, are points in the structure in which we expect cracking and performance to occur at a relatively higher intensity, exhibiting high flexural displacement, as they approach their ultimate resistance under a cycling load.

Therefore, this analysis, based on performance, will allow us to achieve a highly efficient and safe design.

Nevertheless, and as we will also observe during this course, one of the main objectives of this type of study is to understand the failure mechanisms in an already built structure. And which may currently exhibit structural damages.

Allowing us in this way to find a design solution for increasing the stability and safety of such a structural model.

So, during this course, we will observe both these approaches to this type of analysis.

Moreover, and beyond their simple description, we will take care of the practical application of the corresponding tools and configuration parameters, following the ASCE 7 10, and IBC 2012 design codes.

Although worth mentioning, and due to the practical nature of this course, you will be able of carrying out this type of second-order analysis, following any design code that you need.

System Requirements:

Windows PC

Standard PC Computer running Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating system.

Xvast Player

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