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Cyber Security Professsional Training Course | Basic Level

Network Security for Business & Home Networks

Begin your journey to become a Cyber Security Expert!


This comprehensive course will guide you into the world of professional Network Security!

This first course of our series and the methods described in it, were developed directly from the experience of Chief Information Security Officers while fighting the relentless attack of Cyber Criminals and Hackers in their task of defending multiple corporations, big and small businesses.

Cyber Security isn't a single discipline, but a concept under which many engineering disciplines are considered. From the Operating Systems, to the smallest piece of firmware running into the motherboard's modules, each of these aspects should be considered for creating a strong defensive posture against modern Cyber Threats.

For that reason, this first course begins with Network Security, since our Network is the first point of contact with exterior threats. And although internal threats are also being considered, due the successful proliferation of Cloud and SaaS based applications, modern Cyber Security greatly focused on protecting the systems against remote attackers.

Unlike any other Cyber Security Guide this course guarantees that the methods and tools described Can and Will help you begin protecting your Network against real Cyber Criminals, Cyber Threats and Hackers!

Course Description and Subjects Covered:

  • Begin your journey to become a Cyber Security Expert!
  • Learn how Network Security is implemented in Professional Environments.
  • Methods tested in professional environments fighting real Hackers and Cyber Criminals!
  • Learn how Hackers hack into Networks and Systems using the most advanced techniques!
  • Learn how to defend your Network from hackers. From absolute beginner!
  • Learn Network Security in the context of Cyber Security.
  • Core Networking Concepts, the Cyber Attacks and Means of Defense associated with them.
  • Implementing encryption methods for the most critical layers of your Network.
  • Standard Network Topologies in both Home and Business Networks.
  • Learn to obtain a granular level of control over your Network traffic.
  • Type of Firewalls, the protection they offer and the common tactics used to bypass them.
  • Difference between NGFW (Next Generation Firewalls) and simple Firewalls.
  • What is an IPS (Intrusion Prevention System). And what protection does it really offers to our Network and Systems.
  • What are the industry standards when it comes to both Network and Security appliances.
  • Learn how to make your website more secure for your and your costumers.
  • This course is useful for both Business & Home Networks.

Who should take this course?

  • Those with elementary Networking knowledge who wish to take on Network Security.
  • Those who have experienced a Network Security breach and need to understand which steps should be taken to begin securing their Network.
  • Professionals who wish to know what modern Network and Cyber Security entitles.
  • Network Administrators who need an overview on how to protect against modern Cyber Threats.

Course Requirements:

  • Basic Computer Knowledge.
  • Basic Operating Systems Knowledge.
  • Basic Networking knowledge.

System Requirements:

Windows PC

Standard PC Computer running Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating system.

Xvast Player

Video Player & Browser required to watch the video lessons.

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