Structural Analysis & Assessment of Vehicular Bridges - PDF Only

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Structural Analysis and Assessment of:

Failures and Collapses in Vehicular Bridges.

Based on

"This book is based on more than thirty years of experience reviewing damage in bridges, collapses and catastrophes in various countries for major structural risk analysis firms and insurance companies."

- PhD. Abraham Uri.

Structural Models aren't included in this version. If you wish to have access to them you may do so by purchasing the full version here

Through this PDF E-book you will get valuable criteria and insights about:

  • Based on Real Life Structures and Structural Assessments.
  • Analysis by Laser Point Cloud of deformations in the structure.
  • Elaboration of Models of the Analyzed Structures with Second Order effects.
  • Analysis of rigidity by instrumentation and measurement of environmental vibration by triaxial accelerometers.
  • Obtaining the current stiffness of the structure to be examined.
  • Instrumentation.
  • Structural behavior emulation techniques from the Autodesk Robot program.
  • Repair procedures with Carbon Fibers.
  • Instrumentation monitoring.

Among many others, the following real life cases are observed and analyzed.

  • FIU Bridge. Miami, Florida.
  • Nanfang'ao Bridge. Taiwan.
  • Hernando de Soto Bridge. Memphis, Tennessee.
  • Line 12 Subway. Mexico.
  • Morandy Bridge. Genoa.

It is really difficult to judge the safety of a structure after an earthquake.

  • In the case of steel structures there are no cracks or fissures to observe and failures can be dangerously hidden.
  • Even glaring and obvious failures that are located in the structure could be incorrectly evaluated and allowed to progress to catastrophe.
  • Frequently a steel structure, on the verge of failure can appear totally healthy.

FIU Bridge. Miami, Florida

  • Concrete structures more frequently present cracks in the supports, columns, abutments and even covers before failing.
  • However, supports hidden under ground or water fail in catastrophes or even under normal operating conditions without warning.

Nanfang'ao Bridge. Taiwan.

This book is based on more than thirty years of experience reviewing damage in bridges, collapses and catastrophes in various countries for major structural risk analysis firms and insurance companies.

Line 12 Subway. Mexico City.

It is the author's intention to bring engineers and those responsible for assessing damage to structures after an earthquake, and even under normal operating conditions, closer to an analysis that brings them as close as possible to a certainty about the structure to be reviewed using techniques of contemporary instrumentation.

These procedures, despite the fact that they are widely referred to in all regulations and technical standards, in each of the countries described, are used exceptionally.

On many occasions it is about the low availability of this equipment, sometimes due to the belief that they are expensive procedures and largely due to ignorance of these evaluation techniques that, on the other hand, have existed for decades.

Hernando de Soto Bridge. Memphis. Tennessee.

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