Robot 2018 Tutorial. Deep Excavations

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Autodesk Robot Structural 2018 Tutorial.

For Retaining Walls and Fails Analysis in Deep Excavations.

Valid for both American and Eurocodes Metric&Imperial Systems*

This course focuses on the analysis and designing of Retaining Systems.

Allow Autodesk RSA to perform the retaining walls design, calculate the soil loads, consider the lateral soil pressure in high groundwater levels and the weight of nearby structures.

From Retaining Walls to Land Anchorages!

Furthermore, Autodesk RSA will also consider the elastic support of the soil; based on the given Geothecnical Study Profile.  It will also regard the soil pressure against the retaining wall, in a land anchorage system.

Robot Structural doesn't design by default land anchorages nor slopes. But it does provide the lateral push over the containment walls. Allowing us and from such data the designing of either the provisional or permanent retaining  systems.

Everything under the FHWA and ASSHTO code regulations!

Perform the seismic resistant analysis in underground structures and verify the reinforcing steel for the given seismic resistance!

During this step by step course we’ll cover:

  • Foundations Analysis for Retaining Walls.

  • Designing of Spread Footings.

  • Designing of Continuous Footings.

  • Designing of Retaining Walls.

  • Designing of Retaining Walls of variable section.

  • Designing of Retaining Walls with Speer.

  • Designing of Slurry Walls.
  • Designing of Foundation Slabs with elastic support.

  • Seismic Resistant Design for Underground Structures.
  • Designing of Retaining Walls of Volumetric Section.

  • Loads Analysis on Land Anchorage Systems.
  • Mechanically Stabilized Walls.
  • Fails Analysis in Underground Structures.

  • Groundwater influence analysis.

  • Fails Simulation in Underground Structures.
  • Includes Professional Online Support for all topics covered in this course!

* Autodesk RSA can be configured and adapted to any given Design Code included the American and Eurocodes and for which the respective sections / profiles databases are included!

System Requirements:

Windows PC

Standard PC Computer running Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating system.