Autodesk Robot 2024 Tutorial. Bridges Level I

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Autodesk Robot 2024 | Bridges Level I.

For Design and Analysis of Steel Vehicular Bridges.

During this step by step course you will learn:

  • Designing and Analyzing Mid-Span Steel Bridges (30m).
  • Understanding the Criteria and Methodology for Designing Steel Bridges with Safety and Efficiency in Mind.
  • Performing the Static Analysis of the Structure.
  • Performing the Analysis of Steel Members based on the LRFD method.
  • Analysis of Moving Loads based on the AASHTO code.
  • Analysis of Displacements and Deformations.
  • Analysis of Maps for Shear Forces and Bending Moments.
  • Design and Analysis of Connections for Steel Structures of Bridges.
  • Assigning Load Cases and Code Combinations according to the American Code.
  • This course is valid for Structures designed in either the Metric or the Imperial System.
  • Automatic Generation of the Calculation Note and Diagrams for Connections.

Welcome to Autodesk Robot 2024 Tutorial for Steel Bridges. Level I.

This first course, part of a series, focuses on the design, analysis, testing and development of steel vehicular bridges using Autodesk Robot.

As such it offers a deep dive into the complete process of designing and analyzing mid-span steel bridges, with a special emphasis on applying the right design criteria - a crucial aspect of any engineering and analysis process.

With this into consideration this course covers the following key aspects:

Designing and Analyzing Mid-Span Steel Bridges (30m).

Gain hands-on experience in the intricacies of designing bridges with spans up to 30 meters, integrating both theoretical and practical aspects.

Understanding the Criteria and Methodology.

Learn the critical importance of safety and efficiency in bridge design. This will equip you with the knowledge to make informed decisions that balance structural integrity with cost-effectiveness.

Performing the Static Analysis of the Structure.

During this course we’ll carry out the steel members analysis using the LRFD method. Understanding the nuances of analyzing moving loads as per the AASHTO code.

Design and Analysis of Connections.

Failing to equip our design with the proper set of connections can lead to catastrophic structural failure.

Therefore, we will place special emphasis on the critical aspect of designing and analyzing connections within the structural model of our bridge.

Metric or Imperial System?

Whether you are accustomed to the Metric or the Imperial System, the workflow demonstrated in this course can be applied to both, making it versatile and globally relevant.

Although it should be clarified that all exercises focus on the Metric System.

Automating Generation of Documentation.

Streamline your design process with the automatic generation of calculation notes and connection diagrams.

Professional Online Consultancy.

This course offers the distinctive advantage of online consultancy with our team of seasoned structural engineers, who bring real-world bridge building experience using Autodesk Robot tools to every subject and tool covered here.

System Requirements:

Windows PC

Standard PC Computer running Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8 or Windows 7 operating system.

Xvast Player

Video Player & Browser required to watch the video lessons.

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