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7 Reasons why Autodesk Robot Structural is the best Structural Analysis Tool!

Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional has become one of the best tools for designing, simulation and analysis of structures worldwide, being the first option in countries like the USA, United Kingdom, France, Germany, The Netherlands, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Peru and many more.

But what are the tools which makes Autodesk Robot Structural the best solution for designing and analysis of complex structures?

1. Calculation and Design by finite element.

The Designing and Analysis of structure by finite element arrived several decades ago to the world of structural engineering, since it displayed several advantages for complex structural analysis operations.

A notably quicker and more precise process in comparison to a traditional type of analysis performed by pen, paper and the help of a scientific calculator, which may take up to several days or even weeks to complete.

At that time though two programs stood out in the academic world as the best in their class, CSI SAP2000 and STAAD.Pro

autodesk robot structural analysis professional

Autodesk Robot not only simplifies the calculation of steel connections and wood structures but also excels in the automatic generation of shear and bending moment diagrams.

Its capabilities extend to detailed analysis of slabs, precise assessment of torsion effects on sections, and quick, accurate punching analysis.

These features, among many others, are presented through an intuitive graphic interface, making complex analyses more accessible.

Whether you're a seasoned professional in structural design and analysis, or an engineer or architect seeking to broaden your expertise in advanced structural analysis, Autodesk Robot provides a comprehensive toolkit to meet a wide range of needs.

Its user-friendly environment is designed to facilitate both detailed technical work and creative exploration, ensuring that you can maximize the potential of your structural projects.

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2. Calculation Capabilities and reliable results.

Autodesk, a global leader in software development, has harnessed its extensive resources to equip Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional with the industry's most advanced analysis and processing capabilities.

This commitment to excellence has positioned the software well ahead of its competitors, setting new standards in the field of structural analysis.

With its unparalleled reliability and precision in data output, Autodesk Robot is not just a tool but a game-changer, revolutionizing how engineers and architects approach structural design. Its cutting-edge technology ensures meticulous accuracy, facilitating the creation of safe, efficient, and innovative structures in an ever-evolving industry.

Analysis of Moving Loads in Autodesk Robot Structural.

3. Interoperability and dynamic workflow.

Autodesk Robot Structural is an essential BIM tool for both architectural design and construction, since it perfectly integrates with BIM software such as Autodesk Revit or Navisworks, or design software such as Autodesk AutoCAD, AutoCAD Structural Detailing among many others, with the big advantages that this implies for our own workflow, costumers and coworkers.

If you work already with either Autodesk Advance Steel or Revit Structure you can directly import the analytical model to Robot Structural and automatically obtain the Dead Load of it.

Furthermore, complex elements such as steel connections and rebar design can be directly exported to Revit Structure, facilitating the generation of the detail drawings.

4. Autodesk Robot Structural Automatic Calculation Functions.

This is not an exclusive advantage, but Autodesk Robot automatically calculates the structure's dead load and reactions on the supports, using only the sections and dimensions of each component in the structure as reference, without the need of manually calculating the weight of the structure.

5. Productive Implementation.

Autodesk Robot Structural is designed so engineers and architects can work productively.

One of the key features offered by  Autodesk Robot Structural is the capacity of providing quick and precise results, thus improving the user's efficiency and productivity.

The system of algorithms of Autodesk Robot Structural allows the analysis of multiple structural configurations, so engineers can quickly determine the best set of solutions.

6. Calculation, Regulations and International Design Codes.

Unlike other tools, specialized in one specific geographical zone or language, Autodesk Robot Structural is the international software of choice.

Autodesk Robot Structural includes multiple regulations, codes and even materials and specifications from all around the world.

This allows the structural design experts to work with specific regulations for each country or region, in the units and specific design codes. Along with a wide database of materials and sections and more than 70 built-in design codes from multiple countries.

Autodesk Robot Structural also includes 40 international steel codes and 3 reinforced concrete codes.

Also Autodesk Robot Structural Analysis Professional is multilingual being capable of representing our project in more than 14 different languages, including English, Chinese, French, Portuguese, Japanese, Russian,, Greek, Polish etc.

7. Easy to Learn.

Autodesk Robot Structural is on the friendliest and most accessible structural analysis software in the market.

Even if you have never worked with any Structural Analysis software before, Autodesk Robot's intuitive graphical interface will quickly allow you to display the results for the analysis of stresses and internal forces in clear and precise fashion.

And from there, you will be able to obtain the results for proposing the best sections regarding both safety and economy.

This alone makes Autodesk Robot one of the best tools for structural analysis and simulation.

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From Absolute Beginner to those who already work with Autodesk Robot but wish to master this powerful software for creating the most demanding and complex projects!